I just had to respond to the post. It was just too stupid.

1. Guns are not the issue. Abortion takes approximately 862,320 lives (Yikes) according to the 2017 stats.

2016 studies by the CDC states 623,471 abortions. FBI statistics stated firearm deaths are at 39,773. In 2017, six-in-ten gun-related deaths in the U.S. were suicides (23,854), while 37% were murdered (14,542), according to the CDC. The remainder were unintentional (486), involved law enforcement (553), or had undetermined circumstances (338). Women have abortions out of pure convenience. Save the sob story; there’s no excuse to murder your blood. Don’t even mention rape and incest. That’s a tiny fraction. And even then, the baby still deserves to live

The right to own firearms is RIGHT. Murdering your child is not a right. 

2. No, free health care is also not a right. Stop depending on the government. No one wants socialized health care. You might as well say goodbye to your checks (oh yeah nevermind, those of you screaming for free health care don’t work anyway, so what check? My bad.

3. “Families” get separated at the border because you have no idea if these children traveling are even traveling with their parents, “coyotes,” or are victims of human trafficking. Stop feeding into propaganda. But if you’re unhappy with the current immigration system, you can blame your boy Barack Hussein Obama for that. Don’t like kids in “cages”? Obama.

4. Birth control is cheap. If you can’t spend 20 bucks on your BC, then you need to reevaluate your life. If you’re on some welfare state insurance, it’s free. Free healthcare clinics for no to low income exist. Planned Parenthood isn’t the only one. Which they barely do that anyway.

5. No. Get a better job. Spend wisely. I don’t feel like prices going up on everything because you can’t get ahead in life and made poor financial decisions. Better get married. Two incomes are nice ;].

6. No complaints, I agree, public education is a joke and indoctrination camps.

7. MYTH and SCAM.

8. How? They’re more resources available now more than ever at the taxpayer’s expense. Don’t like the mental health counseling you’re getting for free? Pay your own insurance.

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