Transgender Agenda

The Transgender Agenda

The Great Awakening, Transgenderism. You see it all over the place. On our visual entertainment, social media platforms, and for some of you, in your own homes. This push for Transgenderism is being pushed by the Elites to destroy and break down the family function. It worked wonders for the black community, (That’s a different topic I’ll touch on another time). I will not apologize for “hurting” someone’s sorry, pathetic, lack of emotional maturity because I refuse to acknowledge that men can become women, and women and become men.
Not possible. Sorry, My Guy. No matter how many hormones you take, how many surgeries you have, whether you cut your tits off or have some sewed into you, you will never become the opposite sex. Now, the problem isn’t with transgenders. Do what you like. You wanna cut your penis off, or keep it and be some weird “chick” with a know what I mean; whatever dude, you do you.
My problem is the pure propaganda being pushed by this narrative that you can change your sex and identify with any gender. No! It does not work like that; that’s not how any of this works. You are what you are born as. If you can’t accept your sex, I wish you Godspeed in dealing with your mental illness, your Gender Dysphoria; but don’t try and force me and the rest of society to cater to your mental illness because your fragile little mind can’t handle an ounce of truth. I will not be delusional with you. You don’t get to confuse children, introduce to them perverted ideologies because you want “acceptance.” Do you want acceptance? Stop being weird and forcing this lifestyle on people, and how about you stop calling everyone a “Bigot” and “Transphobic” just because they don’t want to date you or agree with your lifestyle. And also back to the kiddos, leave the children out of this.
A 3-year-old cannot determine that they want to be a boy or a girl. They are what they are. If you have a son and he comes off a little feminine, let him be. If a girl comes off as “boyish,” let her be! Let children grow up and let them decided for themselves what they want their sexuality to be or if they want to alter their appearance to appear as the opposite sex.
And another thing, stop with the Cisgender bullshit. I know what I am, I’m not confused. I’m a REAL woman, a straight woman. So, since pronouns are so important to you, refer to me as such—a WOMAN.
Just because you have issues with yourself, doesn’t mean the rest of the society has to cater to you. And please, stop with the meltdowns. My goodness. If you look like John Cena with a wig on, yeah, of course, people can tell you’re a man, because you are one. So don’t go around crying on Twitter because you were “misgendered.” You weren’t. At least try a little harder to look a woman. And for you women, yes, women because you were born with a vagina, uterus, eggs, and fallopian tubes.
How could you support this? Real feminist has fought for real women’s rights and now you pussy hat-wearing, non-binary lesbian genderfluid weirdos are advocating for MEN TO HAVE WOMEN’S RIGHTS AND INVADE WOMEN’S SPACES! Sports, prisons, homeless shelters, girls locker rooms in high schools, and bathrooms. Seriously. Get a grip. Stop trying to force society that your way of living is natural and beautiful; and stop saying, “My truth.” There is no “Your truth,” there is only one truth. And the truth is, you cannot change your sex. There are only two genders; men and women are different. Oh, and one final thought, men can’t have periods. You’re just a woman who took hormones to look like a man and hasn’t had a hysterectomy.

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